Metro Guards provides specialized security services for facility security, infrastructure security, construction site security, and building security in Melbourne.

Our security professionals are Victorian Police licensed, have a Level 2 First Aid certificate, and can also provide a White Card. Our security professionals educate in areas like customer service, workplace health and safety, and conflict de-escalation and resolution, among other things. We will deliver this training to all staff assigned to your location or facility every quarter, utilizing our LMS (online) training.

Our security professionals may dress in distinctive security uniforms, including a black suit and white shirt or client/organization-specific attire. Our security staff also wears high-visibility vests and other safety gear. Our security guard services are these:

Complete Supply & Installation

For your convenience, our professionals will oversee the whole installation procedure.

Customized to Your Specific Requirements

Building security Melbourne may utilize any piece of equipment on the market, so your security alarm system will be custom-made for you.

Ongoing Support & Surveillance

Maintenance regularly, continuous monitoring, and an emergency plan. To guarantee safety, maintain control and install eyes and ears in every part of your buildings: Building security Melbourne.

Stay informed 

Customized reports based on your schedules and goals

Maintain your cutting-edge status

Metro Guards will keep your security systems up to date in Melbourne, ensuring that you are always safe.

Don't jeopardize your security

Technology is only valid when it functions properly. Let us ensure that yours continues to provide you with protection. 

Keep in touch with us.

Whether you require a security system for your home or business, it must customize to match your specific demands rather than an off-the-shelf solution. With so many alternatives, deciding on the best solution to fit your specific company requirements may be time-consuming.

We have an experienced and well-groomed team of professionals that understand how to design, develop, and install a reliable system to fulfill the needs of each customer.

Close eye on building security in Melbourne

Metro guards keep a close eye on security technology advances. We're always learning more about the newest trends and improvements in surveillance technologies, including various artificial and intelligent gadgets.

24 hours available

We provide state-of-the-art monitoring for business security alarms in Melbourne and other state capitals via our top-tier surveillance control block. Our staff of professional and qualified operators can manage all of your security systems from one location, giving you the relaxation of a 24x7 response.

CCTV surveillance systems

CCTV surveillance systems may also operate using your phone, allowing you to watch your neighborhood even when not there. This handy function allows you to check your alarm to see whether it went off for a good cause or by mistake. This function is beneficial for many companies and households who use it to check on their commercial premises, pets, gardens, and other zones.

Intelligent CCTV systems are employed in various circumstances to assist companies in providing better services rather than only providing security.

For example, retail sites may use CCTV systems that can monitor the number of customer checkouts and departures, alerting personnel to give other exit ways in the event of a client bottleneck. Our specialized CCTV systems can also evaluate incoming foot traffic at a business and assist break it down into a helpful dataset based on time, gender, and other factors. We've also placed security alarms in Melbourne retail stores that are compatible with various company software systems, including POS devices and those that provide access control and personnel monitoring. 

Security cameras are beneficial in various businesses, with healthcare being one of the most valuable. For example, the camera system may transmit an alarm if a patient falls and stays on the floor in nursing homes and hospitals or gets out of leaves and bed their room. This form of warning reduces the number of rounds that personnel must make and enables them to respond to a crisis immediately.

These are just instances of how intelligent cameras, security systems, and traditional security measures may benefit a company or household.

Wrapping up

Make use of defensive technologies to keep your places secure. Building security Melbourne can help you with your security system needs in Melbourne. Our security alarm systems in Melbourne businesses and homes provide our customers with a cutting-edge solution in a range of settings, allowing them to outwit any security issues. Contact to metro guard for these services.